• CMOs: Maximize the ROI of your marketing initiatives.

    Identify and invest in your most profitable customers first:

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  • Maximize Marketing ROI

    As a CMO of a food & beverages chain, you want to maximize the ROI of your marketing initiatives. You need to identify and invest in your most profitable customers first.

    But it is impossible to predict who the 10% of customers are that drive 1 in 4 of your store visits.

    At ROI Checker, we've built a platform to let you identify and reward your brand advocates, improving your marketing ROI by increasing customer lifetime value by up to 8x.

  • ​We Offer a Unique Opportunity!

    We provide algorithmic segmentation of your customer base and offerings based on their ROI potential.

    1. Customers who are Evangelists represent the highest ROI.
    2. Loyalists who return alone, represent above average ROI.
    3. One-time-visitors.

    On the customer segmentation side, we characterize Evangelists by their ability to influence new customers

    1. We determine the number of clients and amount of new revenue contributed by Evangelists, as well as the frequency of their visits.
    2. We are also able to detect which products, pricing and promotion combinations Evangelists find the most useful in convincing others to visit your store.

    On the offering analytics side, we measure how attractive your products, pricing, and promotions are.

    1. We detect how your clients spread their dietary habits among their networks.
    2. We determine how special events influence their behavior, and how promotions impact their social and private consumption.
  • Evangelists by the numbers.

    Your most profitable segment of customers.


    Only 10% of customers are evangelists, while the rest are one-time visitors or return alone.


    Evangelists spend 129% more than one-time visitors on each visit.


    Each evangelist brings 3.7 new clients on average to your brand.


    Evangelists are 213% more likely to be long time customers.

  • You already have what it takes.

    You don't need to invest in new technology or data gathering.
    We partner with the most reliable POS systems in the market.

    CIAO Software

    NCR Aloha

    ORACLE micros

    Clover by First Data

  • We work with Full-Service chains.

    We work with Quick-Service chains.

    We work with Coffee Shops and Tea Houses brands.

  • Discover the evangelists around your brand today!​

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