• Tired of Wasting Money on Marketing Campaigns with low R.O.I.?

  • R.O.I. Checker connects brands to their advocates and their personal social circles.

  • How Does it Work?

    We Map Social Circles and Discover Influencers

    You Tailor Incentives
    to Influencers' Preferences

    Influencers Advocate for Your Brand in their Social Circles

    Get a Higher and Clear Marketing R.O.I.

  • This is not about loyalty.

    We use proven science and now you can use it too!

  • How Much Does it Cost?

  • Who Are We?

    We are passionate about delivering results.

    Lucas E. Wall

    C.E.O. & Founder

    Built analytics solutions for 15 years for Fortune 500 companies. (LinkedIn)

    Roberto Fernandez-Borda, Ph.D.

    C.D.S. & Co-Founder

    Spent 20 years engineering solutions for NASA. (LinkedIn)


    Awesome Builder of Things

    Come join us. Let's build something awesome together! (Indeed)

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